Route 18

Route 18

Pagalve confirms that these tracks were born almost at the same time, so you could call them twins. They share a similar groove, but use totally different soundscapes. While "Route 18" is funky, "Lament" is more elegant and spacey, but both these tracks are doing serious damage to dancefloors. So welcome to the 3rd release from "Shaded Music" - the music we call Baltic Techno.










Dave Ellesmere
nice recordings will well into any dub techno set ....

Great release, love it.
Route 18: Love the main synth, this track is perfect way to kill some ravers
on the dance floor.

Lament: Wow, NICE. Big plus for using TR909 sounds. Rides are awesome.
Perfect solution to choose and use Germany tech chords and lead's. Lovely
relaxing track for my ears.

So, I have to pick up my favorite as always.
Both track's are great and it's hard to choose.
Let it be - Lament

Arjun Vagale (MakTub recs, India)
love the dark vibes on both. will play em.

very f!!king nice, will totally play out A1 when things get more serious on the dancefloor, not a minute later.

Interesting tracks. Lament is my fav.

De Oliveira
Will test "Route" Thanks for the promo and congrats for the promo system, looks nice ;)

Patrick DSP
nice tracks. good production.

Andy Spinelli
Route for me!!!thanks!!!!

Ray Kajioka (Kanzleramt, Berlin)
"Lament" is my fave! nice spheric tune! will try that out!

Well crafted stuff from Pagalve

Robert Grand (Additan Radio)
Great work - i love both tracks

Marco Asoleda
thx for promo.nice release, route 18 is excellent

Matteo Pitton
The style of these 2 tracks is cool, my fav is "Lament", thanks for sending!

Daz Furey
Don't know why but I can hear elements of Dave Clarke's 'red 2' in the beginning of 'Route'- radio play on fnoob techno for sure.

Mattias Fridell
Sounds really nice. Definitely into the vibe and atmosphere. Hard to choose a favorite though, will play both! Cheers

Split Pulse
Deep chords - Lament!!! Great one ;)

Like the "old" synth sounds in new sleeves :) will play thx

Hallucin (Techstylism,LT)
yeah, both tracks sounds great! "Route 18" definitely for primetime and "Lament" more late night. thanks!